Heated seats are nice, but a heated steering wheel takes winter time comfort up to eleven.

Tesla recently updated the Model Y crossover in pretty much exactly the same way it did for the Model 3 sedan. However, nowhere among the list of changes was there a heated steering wheel, even though this has been a highly requested feature for a few years.

Well, it looks like both the Model Y (and Model 3) are finally getting this excellent winter comfort-enhancing feature. Now it has so far only been confirmed on Chinese-built Model Ys, but according to the Bearded Tesla Guy, he has two confirmed reports of U.S. examples also being delivered with a warmed helm.

Tesla’s official site still doesn’t list it as an option, though, but that should change soon. What’s interesting about the heated wheel in Teslas is that it won’t only be available on the higher spec models with more power and bigger batteries. One of the U.S. cars delivered with a heated steering wheel is a Standard Range model, so it could be a feature available for all available model variants.

Regarding the Model 3 getting this feature, information is sparse. There have been some reports that it’s coming (none of which were official, though), such as @greentheonly’s October announcement that the refreshed Model 3 was indeed going to have the heated wheel. Another report, from December 2020, comes from @MXSwitzerland, which tweeted that the feature had been officially confirmed in Switzerland and that it would be added soon.

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It is therefore not a question of if, but when the heated steering wheel will be made available in all Model 3s and Model Ys in the U.S. and Europe.

Source: Bearded Tesla Guy

Reference: https://insideevs.com/news/466855/tesla-model-y-model-3-heated-steering/


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